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Nepantla is a Nahuatl word, from an indigenous Mexican language, which means "in the middle of it" or "middle." Nepantla represents a concept of "in-between-ness." I began to understand that I was in the middle, in between all the identifiers, definitions and associations. We who live in the United States of America have a much more complicated history of how we ALL came to be here. The indigenous, the people of color, the LGBTQ, the immigrants and women are those Americans whose stories are not told. These groups of people are not on the sidelines, we are not on the outskirts of this society, we are Nepantla-"in the middle of it"! We are interwoven into the very fabric of this country and it is not a simple act to untangle us from all we have built, created, sacrificed, bled, and died to make the United States of America what it is today.