Terrible Hermosa is UP!

15 Aug 13
August 15th, 2013

Detail view of intallation piece at Davis Gallery Exhibit: Terrible HermosaMy Terrible Hermosa art exhibit at the Davis Foundry Gallery is finally ready for viewers to see. Of course I would love to see everyone at the reception, but I also encourage you to see it while it is open without the crowds to bother you. If you decide to visit the gallery during the week, please let me know and I can give you a personal tour of my work. It is my first solo exhibition in Dallas and I am very happy to have the opportunity! The installation was hard work, but of course well worth it. I will be visiting the gallery in the coming weeks to work on a special piece that is part performance art, and part art work. Please come and visit with me if you can! See you at the reception which is September 7, 6-10pm.